Tucked into a vintage music and antique store in Gravenhurst, Rob Currie Recording is an eclectic, cosy space.

Rob’s style in the studio emerges from his geek-level love of uncommon vintage equipment, deep knowledge of music history and interest in authentic sound produced through the use of natural reverb and analogue effects. With an appreciation for realistic, “human” qualities in recorded music,  Rob embraces honest sound and happy accidents.  He has an experimental approach to tracking and is adventurous when it comes to mic placement and ambient sound. 





Contributing Engineer

Studio Gear List


UA 6176
Focusrite ISA428
Dizengoff D4
Neotek x2
1950s Berlant
1950s Concertone
Custom Brett Pearson Dynacord Mic Pre/GTR Head
1980s Audio Developments AD145
1960s Shure M67
1950s Ampex 601
1970s Yamaha PM700
Soundcraft Ghost


Roland Space Echo
Korg Stage Echo
Realistic Reverb/Delay
Empirical Labs Distressor British Mod
Custom Teac Processor
Sure SR107 EQ x2
DBX 118
DBX 163A
Furman RV-1
1940s RCA 56-E Passive Inductor EQ
1960s Premier Reverberation
1960s Traynor Tubed Reverb


1950s RCA 77DX
1940’s RCA 74
Lawson L47 Gold
AKG C414
1960’s AKG D19
1960’s AKG D12
AKG D112
1940s Lustraphone VR64
1940s Amperite SR-80
1950s Toshiba Type C
1940s Electro-Voice V-2
1960s Sennheiser MD408
1960s Sennheiser MD407
Altec/Northern Electric 633A
X5 Shure 57s
X3 Sure 58s
Shure 58 Beta
Shure Kick Mic
1960sTelefunken D77


1969 Gibson ES-335 Custom
1963 Gibson ES-125
1956 Gibson ES-125 1/2 MJ
1983 Gibson ES-175
1969 Guild M-20
2000s Martin D-21 Special
1953 Martin OO-18
1967 Fender Jazz Bass
1960s Harmony Rocket
1962 Kay Speed Demon
1961 Kay Swingmaster
1967 Yamaha SGII
1960s Beltone/Teisco
1965 Framus Strato Star Deluxe
1953 Gibson LG-0
1972 Yamaki Acoustic D-18 copy
1974 Yamaki Acoustic D-28 copy
Custom “Rob Currie” Telecaster by Andrew Currie
1986 Rickenbaker 4003
1999 DeArmond Hollowbody
1960s Fender Malibu
1970s El Degas P-Bass Lawsuit Copy
1960s Teisco Del Ray Bass


1993 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
1967 Ampeg B15
1960s Harmony H306
1940s Tempo
Vox AC15
Vox AC30
Vox Pathfinder
1973 Fender Champ
Pearson 5 Watt Head
Pearson .5 Watt Head
1963 Gibson RVT79 Stereo
X2 Fender Deville 4×10
Fender “The Twin” Red Knob
GK800 Head and Cabs
1950s Harmony 8148
1970s Fender Silverface Twin


1967 Ludwig Hollywood 5 piece
1959 Ludwig “WFL” Black Panther
Lots of various cymbals and hi-hats
1966 Ludwig Supersenstive Snare
Ludwig Clubdate Snare
1990s Premier Snare


1980s Roland Alpha Juno
1950s Hammond M3
1950s Hammond L-100
1990s Roland JP-8000
1970s Moog/Realstic MG-1
Casio VL-1
Korg MS-20


Univox SR-55 Drum Machine
Radial Reamp JCR
X5 Digiflex DI
X3 Countryman DI
X2 Cloudlifter
X2 RME Fireface 800
X2 Glyph HD
Presonus Monitor Control
Tannoy Studio Monitors
Mackie HR824 MKi
X4 Sennheiser HD280
X2 Neutrik Patch Bay
Mac Mini
Protools 12 DAW with lots and lots of plug-ins
Strymon El-Capistan
DOD Comp
Custom Fuzz Pedal
Fulltone Mosfet II
Behringer TO800 (actually a great OD)
Boss Chromatic Tuner


Let’s talk about your next project. Email Rob (at) CurriesMusic.com.